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I will improve the following features:

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[En] This is my easter-project 2015. I have to admit it's not too complex and the background is really lazy, but i like the shaders. And it's probably my most spontaneous project, so far, because i only worked two days on it and didn't thougt as much as usual about composing and colors.

Ok ... i'm soooo EXITED, because this is the very first article, that i'm writing for my blog AND my website. Yes, because from now on, i'll publish my artwork on both of them. And there are even more cool information for you, because i'll be able to publish even more stuff on my blog and website, because the website has a seperate portfolio, wich will give me the opportunity to post more stuff on my blog without spamming my portfolio. AWESOME! And my wesite looks way cooler. And you'll be able to contact me ... and there's even a about me-site, wehere you can basicalle read some basic information ABOUT ME!* Admit it ... this is the most stunning website ever.^^

Anyway, i hope, you guys will like it.

*OK, i admit it: this feature isn't available, yet, but SOOON ...

So i made some sort of remastered version of my first blender scene...

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